Grand Garage

The GRAND GARAGE is the new innovation workshop in the Tabakfabrik Linz on 4000 m2. A open space where beginners and professionals with newest technology can work side by side. MARCH GUT developed a design concept that does justice to the demands of the dynamic technological branch and can perpetually change and adapt to the needs of the users. This led to the idea of creating furniture and fixtures that can be produced directly in the Grand Garage.

Workbenches and stools of the series KONTUR can be milled directly on site, put together without any additional parts necessary, and can be reproduced any time should the need arise. Also, the unique doorhandles were produced out of aluminium with the on-site CNC milling machine.
For the design of the upholstered furniture series PROFIL, the workshop character is combined with the aesthetics of a co-working space. The basic structure is formed by loading shelves combined with high quality upholstering and fabric covering to turn them into comfortable couches, chairs, and wing chairs.

The research project FIBRA was created during the design process of the Grand Garage, and is the world-wide first attempt to print a staircase for a building with 3D printing technology. MARCH GUT developed a concept for a staircase that can organically grow into the entrance hall through additive production. With the support of the companies Autodesk, Hartl Metall, and KUKA Roboter, not only the staircase, but also a red sculpture that stands for the innovation & technology of the Grand Garage will be developed.

Just like the staircase-sculpture, the wires also lead through the three floors like blood vessels. The energy flows through the various areas of the workshop and project zones, offices, and conference rooms, all the way to the lounge. Differentiation but also permeability for a flexible use of the space is supported by an idiosyncratic design: opening and closing the garage doors – the name becomes the concept. From the graphics, to the furniture, all the way to the interior design, MARCH GUT developed a unique overall concept outside of commonplace standards that invites the users to experiment and create.