MARCHGUT Pop up Café Designsalon Linz

MARCH GUT equiped the new Pop Up Café at the festival centre of VIENNA DESIGN WEEK 2013!

The modular bar system CASESTUDY combinied with GEHSTELL expertly meets the expectations of our fast moving time on good interior design. At the beginning of the project was the challenge to design a modular bar including seats for temporary use for the Pop Up Café of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK 2013. MARCH GUT took their cue from the flight cases used in music technology, which are portable, easy to handle and at the same time suitable for heavy duty use.

CASESTUDY is the result of a combination of robust framed bodies and light, mobile units: five bar elements that can either be unfolded and linked to form a long bar or used individually as small bars in different places. User friendliness is guaranteed by simple handling; mobility and portability are facilitated by top quality wheels.

CASESTUDY in combination with the table and bench system GEHSTELL by MARCH GUT again follows the functional modular, resource conserving standard. Due to the cooperation with Messrs. ALTHOLZ Baumgartner & Co and the support by the CREATIVE REGION Linz & Upper Austria, the ideal material complement was found for this temporary bar and seat furniture. At the same time, traditional features are combined with innovative design and state of the art technology. This makes CASESTUDY a true design experience and an exciting installation.

In the spirit of sustainability, CASESTUDY will be passed over to the furniture store of the tobacco factory established in Linz by Peter Behrens, now creative centre of the old capital of culture, and will thus continue to be available for events in Upper Austria.

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