Objectinstallation for the exhibition GLAM! The Performance of Style

LENTOS Kunstmuseum Linz

Music | Fashion | Art

19th October 2013 to 2nd February 2014

THE GLAMSTAR, created by MARCH GUT, offers visitors during the first few weeks of the exhibition in the LENTOS a unique chance to enjoy thirty seconds of stardom Linzer Kunstmuseum. The stage combines the space normally reserved for actresses and actors with the space for the audience and enables candidates to step into both roles.

A plethora of faceted mirror surfaces multiply the candidates’ mirror images and create the impression of a house that is filled to the last seat. In terms of its aesthetic form, THE GLAMSTAR takes its bearings from 70’s graphic design. Comparable to a certain extent to the disco ball, a symbol of the attitude towards life at that time, THE GLAMSTAR conjures up the glitter and glamour of the past. The exhibition is a production of Tate Liverpool and is presented in collaboration with the Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt and the LENTOS Kunstmuseum Linz.

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