The Upper Austria State exhibition ARBEIT I WOHLSTAND I MACHT shows the development of our society from the Middle Ages to the present using the example of the city of Steyr. At the three locations Museum Arbeitswelt, Innerberger Stadel and Schloss Lamberg, the exhibition tells moving stories of workers, citizens and aristocrats who still shape the city to this day. MARCH GUT was able to stage the exhibition in the richly decorated renaissance building Innerberger Stadel and thus also designed the permanent exhibition of the Steyr City Museum.
Based on the theme of prosperity and trade, the large and small piles of grain in the former storage facilities are the inspiration for the up mounting exhibition structure. Made of cement-bonded chipboard, they contrast the historic rooms from the 17th century, but still retain their authenticity. Showcases and screens are also integrated, as are the texts that were applied to the panels using the direct printing process. Information and objects merge into large presentation islands that visitors can walk around freely.
In the smaller adjoining rooms, the scythe and nail smiths give an insight into the earlier handicraft. The end of the exhibition tour is a room full of mirrors that invites visitors to reflect and brings them together with stories from the most varied of Steyrers from today.

Further Information about the national exhibition of upper austria on their Website

Fotograf: Gregor Graf
Grafic: Atteneder Grafik Design GmbH
Carpentry: J. Pucher GesmbH
Foils & digital printing: DesignArtDX und Digicut Rubmer