Christoph March and Marek Gut both studied industrial design at Linz University of Art and Design in Austria. In 2010, they established the design studio MARCH GUT. The two designers pursue an interdisciplinary and integrative approach based on close consultation with the customer and focused on the project and its users. Analytical in its methodology and keen to seek out new avenues, the studio’s work is consistently function-oriented. MARCH GUT marries new technologies with a commitment to sustainability and resource conservation. The ensuing insights and experience give rise to new developments of high aesthetic appeal in terms of both form and color. Both designers prefer to work with natural materials while constantly striving to extend their limits. MARCH GUT is active in the fields of product and furniture design, and the creation and curation of exhibition facilities and interiors.

Contributors: Katharina Kloibhofer, Daniel Mandel, Julia Riesenberg


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