The Ars Electronica Center visits the VW Drive, a 1200 square-meter exhibition space of the Volkswagen Group Forum in Friedrichstraße, Berlin.

In close collaboration with MOOI Design, MARCH GUT developed the exhibition and communication design to display the full potential of communication between the visitors and interactions with the art works. MARCH GUT designed special exhibition furniture that embodies this approach, because as a single element by itself, it is not steady, but instead only achieves a stable form together with another element. The benches and tables made of solid wood conjoin information and presentation surfaces, creating space for encounters at the same time. The structurally identical elements offer multiple arrangement variations and can be perfectly adapted to the different requirements of the works and areas, e.g. for workshops.

A special eyecatcher is the neon-red varnish, which highlights the contrast between artificial production and natural growth. Probably the most stable form in nature, the hexagon, is the emblematic symbol of the exhibition. As a metaphor it stands for a vision of the future, in which humans, machines, algorithms, animals, plants and the environment are equally strong poles, thus forming a stable system. The tunnel in the entrance area also takes up this hexagonal form. Visitors entering through the tunnel are decelerated so they can focus on the theme of the exhibition: How do we create a future, in which technology helps humans and nature and causes no harm?

Opening, 21th of juli 2017, Exhibition till 26th of october 2017