In Wilhering wird gebetet

On the occasion of 850 years of Wilhering Abbey, the choir prayer chapel was redesigned. In analytical exchange and theological considerations together with the monastic community, a place of prayer was created that is optimally attuned to the ceremonial processes. The new choir stalls were made from oak trees from the monastery forest. We were allowed to accompany this process from tree selection, processing to manufacturing.
The construction principle of the pews avoids any screws or nails and was only made possible with plug-in connections. Additional elements such as the altar, ambo, consoles, additional benches or the door also followed the principle of simplicity. The ambo was oiled white, the altar black. Both elements can be slid into each other like frames and have a reference to the religious vestments of the monks.
The height and width of the objects were measured in the hand spans of Abbot Reinhold Dessl and Hubert Nitsch. The door was designed as a free-standing frame with two wooden door leaves in order to avoid damaging the substance of the Romanesque door arch. The intermediate area between the door arch and the stone wall was executed in glass and offers a view into the chapel.

Fotograf: Kurt Hoerbst