Cono Spot

Cono Volare is the new spotlight by Molto Luce, and the second lighting project created in collaboration with MARCH GUT.
The newly patented LED lens by Bartenbach is applied here, and become the starting point for the design. The special cone shape is the result of the angle of radiation of the light waves. The glare is reduced with a specialized glass lens with a micro facet structure, and the light emitted at a 30° angle. Thus there is no luminaire reflector needed, and being blended from the side becomes entirely impossible. The pure design is therefore not only visible from the outside, but rather follows through three dimensions to the inside of the light source.

The durable lighting electronics were compactly built into a high-quality metal casing that is available in white or black powder coating. As a spot with a track system, as a hanging lamp, or mounted on a wall, CONO was designed to fit any living or gastronomy requirements.


Molto Luce GmbH

Europastraße 45

4600 Wels