Sessel aus Bugholz mit Joka Polsterung

Crafted Collection – the name of the collection of seating furniture that was developed in collaboration between the upholstery furniture producers JOKA and the solid wood carpentry workshop TREWIT, based on a design by MARCH GUT.

In the design process, the company history of TREWIT, as former cartwrights, and the long experience of JOKA with upholstery furniture, played a part. Much as in the first steps of the cart building process, solid wood was used as a basis. The combination of the material properties of those used of being stiff as well as being highly flexible, became a challenging fascination for everyone involved. It made the unique framework construction in the form of cantilever possible. In combination with a seating shell, in which upholstery elements come together, this design combines physics and aesthetics. The result is a product series that consists of a fauteuil, a stool, and a sofa with the highest aspirations for quality and longevity.

Crafted Collection was honored with the AUSTRIAN INTERIOR DESIGN AWARD 2019.

Fotocredit & Sales: JOKA

Startbild: Thom Taurer