Stableuchte an der Wand montiert

DARF draws light in form of a fine line following the principle of total reduction providing shadow-free illumination.

The rod-LED lamp is inserted into sockets and suspended by cords to be used as a pendant or wall lamp at any height or inclination. Arranged individually,they illuminate rooms and workplaces in a simple and elegant way. A combination of several lamps enables the creation of unusual light sculptures. Technical features are that it can be plugged in directly so that only a simple cable can be seen. Also,since the lamps can be purchased separately, the packing size is very small.

Design development in close cooperation with architect Philipp Weinberger fabrication by Wever & Ducré.

The DARF lamp is awarded with the BIG SEE Product Design Award 2020 und dem EUROPEAN Product Design Award 2020 .

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