The Design Salon is a communicative space for encounter among those interested in art and design. Since interest and attention for “design made in Upper Austria” were aroused in 2014, this year the exhibition is devoted to the theme ‘one of a kind’. The exhibition presents design objects that have been conceived and produced as one of a kind or in strictly limited editions. The increasingly vanishing boundary between art and design is investigated, as is the role of design as a dynamic link between the disciplines. The presentation is intended to spark a critical engagement with art and design and question the criteria for categorizing which object in which field. The Design Salon 2015 shows roughly twenty objects by internationally successful designers. The exhibition design conceived by MARCH GUT establishes a visual reference to ‘uniqueness vs. mass production’. The construction resembles the digital model of the grounds of a production city in China. The one-of-a-kind objects and limited editions float symbolically above the city. At the same time, they purposely elude the profitability that is conventionally called for in the production process.

Kuratorin: Katrin Steindl; Objektbau: Alex Kai; Kooperationspartner: designaustria, CRATIVE REGION Linz & Upper Austria

Objekte von: Gregor Eichinger, Erwin Wurm, BIG-GAME, Annette Hinterwirth, MARCH GUT, mischer’traxler, breadedEscalope, Polka, Phillipp Divitschek, Thomas Feichtner, Matthias Göttfert, Ulrike Leitner, David Tavcar, Robert Comploj, Sébastien de Ganay, Chmara.Rosinke, Konrad Friedel, Roben, Katharina Eisenköck