March Gut Eisdieler Linz

The ice cream parlor ‘icedealer’ with sales and production in Linz.  Promenade Nr 9, has got a new interior since spring 2013. Within the collaboration with studio MARCHGUT attention was paid to numerous improvements in the processes of sales and production. However, the special character of the best ice cream parlor in Linz in 2012 were not neglected.

Aside from applying new extravagance to the sales area, the design brief also required process improvements in both production and sales: “It was particularly important for us not just to enlarge the space in visual terms but also to make the operations behind the counter – at peak times we have up to seven staff working here – as smooth and pleasant as possible. So, for example, we now have individual workstations as part of a really successful solution,” says EISDIELER owner Jürgen Bleij.

The graphic on the walls of the parlour’s interior appears to be a mosaic of triangles. In actual fact it is a stylised interpretation of EISDIELER’s famous black ice-cream cones – abstracted to create a truly striking design. Modified transport pallets provide the seating inside and out as an allusion to both the on-site ice-cream manufacturing and the fact that EISDIELER’s coveted products are also supplied to other retail outlets in the area. The seats are of modular design for maximum ease of relocation and rearrangement.

Clear lines and a minimalist design approach thus characterize the new EISDIELER look, leaving plenty of room for what customers crave – fabulous ice-cream.