The exhibition “GLITZ AND GLAMOUR 200 Years of Lobmeyr” at the MAK presents more than 300 objects from the tradition
glass manufactory Lobmeyr, which were designed by famous designers such as Josef Hoffmann and Adolf Loos.
These objects have made a significant contribution to the aesthetic enrichment of different areas of life
from interior design to eating and drinking.

In designing the exhibition, studio MARCH GUT has not only focused on the many facets of the
glass as a material, but also on the theme of reusing materials.
Approximately 65% of the fixtures were reused and 35% were newly sourced. This approach allows for a
financially and sustainably designed exhibition without aesthetic constraints.

Visitors enter the exhibition through a 4-meter-high mirrored room, which features a specially designed
sound installation made of drinking glasses on the mirror walls. They then enter the
main rooms, which consist of interlocking presentation levels at different heights.
This design allows different glass techniques from different eras to intersect
and remain valid to this day.In the center of the exhibition shines a convolute of chandeliers,
which forms a special eye-catcher.

Grafikdesign: Kilian Wittmann & Jakob Mayr
Fotograf: Gregor Graf


A-1010 Wien