Shopdesign Fairtrade Schuhe

The popular Herrenstraße in Linz has a new store for shoes and bags. ‘IN THE BOX’ can be found on the ground floor of a carefully renovated house that was built in 1848. MARCH GUT was responsible for the interior design of the 45m² sales area with the cross vault and the large display windows. A presentation system was developed that makes it possible for a diverse arrangement of the products within the space. Unpretentious ash tree boards distributed vertically in the room bring warmth and create a contrast to the cool vault. The circular presentation tableaux set strong accents and constitute the main design characteristic. The pure and efficient design for the seven brands is the main feature of the shop design. In the same vain as the bags by FREITAG that are all unique pieces made from recycled lorry tarps, a unique shelf was designed that simultaneously acts as the sales counter.

IN THE BOX – Herrenstraße 2 – Linz

Fotograf: Jürgen Grünwald

Tischlerei: Bernd Sommervilla