The family-run Eichler Bakery is located on the outskirts of Linz Urfahr, in Leonfeldnerstraße 209. The conversion of the original building with its production site was a substantial structural intervention that not only involved revitalisation of the sales area but also the enlargement of the coffeehouse. By rearranging the different areas and passages we were able to satisfy the wish for a production site with international flair that is open to public view. The functional bread trolleys of Eichler Bakery gave us the idea for the shelf design to display the products. They now provide a free view of the production place. A long counter with folding glass cover in the passage to the café and wall tiles of our own design give the scaled-down bakehouse a touch of 1920ies charm. Taking our cue from old cast-iron windows, we designed the dividing walls with large multiple-paned, steel-framed windows. Views of the old brick walls contribute further to the sense of well-being and modern nostalgia.