Redesign and conversion of the Stockhofstraße branch of Honeder Naturbackstube GmbH in Linz. This special company sets great store by tradition & innovation. In order to create a natural and modern appearance, we as designers decided on central elements of concrete and maple wood. The building massing was provided with an additional opening to the garden of the Sisters of the Cross in order to give it a pavillion-like character. The large window glazing floods the room with light and grants beautiful views inside and outside. We roofed not only the building, but also the paths for customers and staff. The central entrance from the road leads directly to the sales desk that is made of light maple wood and set on a concrete base. The counter is slightly offset and permits customers to inspect the bread shelves more comfortably. The striking round disks serving as counter tops in the shape of display stands are eye catchers as well. The service area of the enlarged café was placed directly adjacent to the kitchen entrance in order to create short walking distances for the staff. The distinctive red brick walls were fitted with a grid system of wooden bars that provides multiple presentation possibilities. In combination with the light solid wood furniture this creates an attractive yet calm ambience.