The perfect handle for an extraordinary window: ONE by Josko stands for a new window and sliding door system with an extremely small frame of only 5cm. MARCH GUT accompanied the development and designed the optimal door and window handle to go along with it.

In this area there it only seems that there is little wiggle room for the design process, as there is a very large potential for a sensitive form optimisation, which is something that you feel right away as soon as you hold the new handles. Its special geometry allows for a very good feel and optimal functionality, even though it is so close to the wall or the frame. The ergonomically rounded inner surface join the strikingly thin grips and feel pleasant to the touch. It also fits the minimalist frames perfectly on an optical level, as its angularly formed outer surface makes the handle visually melt into the frame when viewed from afar. When stepping closer it is reminiscent of a technical lever and stands out as a fine design characteristic.

The ONE FE consists of satinated stainless steel, and is available in three different colours.