The Celtic Museum in Hallein is one of the largest museums of Celtic history in Europe. The combination of cemeteries, settlements and the salt mining is exceptional for the Iron Age.
The Celtic Village at Dürrnberg was built on the occasion of the National Exhibition “Celts in Central Europe” in 1980 in Hallein.
Now the village was revitalized and MARCH GUT designed the information house. As a conceptual design in this case the design studio placed a grid system on the ground but also on the walls and the ceiling that reminds on the field research of archaeologists.
Two floor displays reproduce an excavation based on photographs of excavations carried out on Mount Dürrnberg. Grids are laid out over rectangular excavation areas and the soil is removed carefully layer by layer. The strips of earth between the excavation areas provide a stratigraphic record of the individual deposits.

The new information home is the first step in the redevelopment of the Celtic Museum in Hallein.