Letitia´s Kitchen – an ON/OFF Kitchen!

A kitchen combined with the living room is a popular place for communication – but not everyone likes guests to have a view of the kitchen. As a solution to this everyday problem, screen doors were integrated into the work units. They are operated by gas pressure springs and can be opened and closed on demand. The doors can be closed even when the working surface is in use, i.e. when utensils are lying on it, thus giving the room an orderly appearance. When the screens are open, bright light strips illuminate the working area, when they are closed another strip creates atmospheric lighting for the room. For smaller apartments this space-saving kitchen arrangement is an elegant possibility to gain size and make a big impression.

Comment by the kitchen owner, Letitia:

“Dearest MARCH GUT-Team,
…this is exactly what I wanted for my small realm and even better! I have not yet spent much time with my kitchen – just a brief getting to know this morning – and already I love it!…
Yours gratefully and so pleased,