MARCH GUT Solaris Linz

“Solaris” in Linz in the Offenes Kulturhaus spans the range between a museum and cinema cafe during the day and a popular nightlife location in the evening. For the redesign of this location with all its manifold uses, MARCH GUT places a special focus on optimizing the sound and spatial quality and the working processes.

The essential optical & phonetic characteristic of the space is the special ceiling and wall covering. This was made from three- and four-cornered wood wool panels dyed different colors and arranged to form a graphical pattern. Ventilation, lighting, and music system are compactly collected in a black cage on the ceiling, which gives the bar area a stage character.

The purposely reserved forms and colors result in an appealing and simultaneously calmed space that invites visitors to a relaxing museum break. Late in the evening, music with excellent acoustics creates a congenial club atmosphere.

Reopening 2th of september 2017