The new SWAROVSKI OPTIK Store is the perfect place for nature enthusiasts.
Here you can discover and try out the entire range of binoculars, telescopes and accessories.
The latest generation of binoculars is presented and turned into an experience.

In designing the store, attention was paid to durable and natural materials. Clay, stone, solid wood
and natural textiles create a harmonious atmosphere and support the presentation of the products, which are
are displayed on specially developed transport boxes.
The materials used come from within a maximum radius of 105 km around Wattens.

The generous glass facade connects the interior of the store with nature and allows fascinating views.
A welcoming lounge area invites you to linger and offers an impressive view of the Tyrolean mountains.
The roof of the store is greened with native plants such as ivy, wild vine, hops and grasses. This creates
not only a natural look, but also contributes to the cooling of the roof in the future.
In front of the store, visitors can use the MEX e-bike to easily test different long-range optics.

Graphic design: GAP Gruppe am Park


Daniel-Swarovski-Straße 70

A-6067 Absam