U.W.S Base

Your bike deserves a home: your home.

The basis of Urban Wood Systems is the enthusiasm for cycling as something that is everyday but also a special passion. With this enthusiasm, photographer and passionate road cyclist Jürgen Grünwald approached MARCH GUT to implement a vision together: A new approach to the prevailing idea of how to stow a bike. Along with clothing and within the home. This doubly motivated the product designers and proponents of alternative locomotion in the city. The result after two years of development: U.W.S. Base.

Manufactured in regional production facilities, all components are produced in Upper Austria. The wood grows in Croatia south of Zagreb in the region of Slavonia. Processed by our partner joinery Trewit based in Scharnstein. The basic construction of U.W.S Base consists of two halves of round wood, which are pushed apart in opposite directions and fixed to the respective room height with holding rods. After the fine adjustment with threaded screws, with which the U.W.S. Base must be firmly spread on the ceiling and the floor, the assembly is finished. A space-saving and aesthetically pleasing bicycle wardrobe in which the bike is hung and dried without contact with the floor or wall. It offers not only space 1-2 wheels to store elegantly and space-saving but also the accessories such as clothing, helmet and small parts.

Start of Sale: 1th of May 2022 >> Buy now!

Fotograf: Jürgen Grünwald