Eingang Ausstellung, Hohensalzburg marchgut

The castle museum in the so-called “High Floor” is part of the Salzburg Museum and one of the most frequented museums in Austria. In 2019 it was redesigned by MARCH GUT and a new exhibition was developed together with the museum’s management that intends to shed light on the ever-changing history of the castle and its inhabitants.

The tour of the thirteen rooms focusses on topics on selected objects and a media installation spanning the entire room. In this respect, the difficult accessibility of the castle became an exciting challenge and a starting point for the development of the modular exhibition design.
The display cases and screen are modules of the same format that can be brought to the museum with the castle rails. There they are then fitted together in presentation displays of varying sizes. In one of the largest rooms, such as the weapons chamber, the single modules together become a fifty square meter illuminated board that spectacularly displays the armor and weaponry. Four large video walls that are also put together modularly with screens show films by contemporary artists to introduce the most important topics.
The fixtures made from black metal and perforated plates, for instance in the window facing the castle kitchen, create a strong contrast to the colours and materials of the castle architecture. At the same time they represent the characteristic features of the castle Hohensalzburg. In this way the gold treasury of the castle is presented in a black vault and emphasises the importance of the treasury.

The result is a long-lasting exhibition that gives the visitors of the castle an impressive experience through a thought out tour and gives the exhibited objects as much space as possible through a puristic design.

Fotocredits: Gregor Graf